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Earlier this week The A.V. Club premiered a video by Hiccup, a band that features members of The Chris Gethard Show’s house band The LLC, and today we’re bringing you another video but a TCGS-affiliated band, Early Riser. Kiri Oliver and Heidi Vanderlee play an active role in TCGS, forming a partnership that manifested in Early Riser’s debut album Currents, which is being co-released this summer by both Anchorless Records and A-F Records. But before all that, the band is releasing a digital single called “The Nevers,” and we’re premiering the cameo-laden video today.


“The Nevers” is a buoyant blast of a song, all harmonies and danceable rhythms as Oliver and Vanderlee sing about going out and living your dreams. That mantra is played out in the video as the pair scratch things off their bucket list, which includes arresting a cop (played by Jeff Rosenstock), booping a celebrity’s nose (Gethard), and even holding a cat seance (alongside Mikey Erg and Hiccup’s Hallie Bulleit). It all culminates in them forming a band that resembles something from Victory Records circa 2003, giving everyone the chance to open up the pit and throw a few haymakers.

“The Nevers” single is available now through Anchorless Records.

Early Riser tour dates

4/8—The Footlight Bar—Queens, NY w/Les Sans Culottes
4/12—Pharmacy—Philadelphia, PA w/Anika Pyle, Anna Altman, special guest
4/13—The Depot—Baltimore, MD
4/14-4/15—Death to False Hope Fest—Durham, NC


[Note: The Chris Gethard Show airs on Fusion, which, like The A.V. Club, is owned by Univision Communications.]

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