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While we’re pretty happy with Earl Sweatshirt’s new record, the artist is somewhat less thrilled about how the album was rolled out to the public. In the polite, lucid manner for which Earl is known, the rapper let loose a series of tweets blasting his label for what he see as a grievous mishandling of I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside.


It seems that the artist had a slightly different plan for how things would unfold over the past week. According to an interview with NPR Music, he had wanted the video for single “Grief” to go up on his website, sans any information about the upcoming record. Instead, the opposite happened: Columbia released the album info, including cover image, tracklist, release date, and extra features. The only thing not included in that first info dump? The very video with which he planned to kick things off. Earl Sweatshirt says he didn’t get it until the next morning, after he had stayed up all night waiting to receive the link to it.

Sure, this may sound like a fairly innocuous error; after all, the whole thing was resolved in less than a day. But the rapper was equally angry that no one at the label seemed to care that they were ignoring his requests for how to handle the launch. “The only truth is they got an F,” he says, presumably while continuing to tweet angrily. You can listen to the whole interview at the above link—Earl Sweatshirt actually has more of a case than it may seem, considering how quickly we were originally planning to write something about how he shouldn’t get his sweatshirt in a bunch.

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