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Eagles Of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes apologizes for accusations against Bataclan security

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Eagles Of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes has apologized for statements he made earlier this week, suggesting that members of the security team at Paris’ Bataclan theater might have known about the November 13, 2015 attack on the venue—where the band was playing when armed gunmen stormed the theater—ahead of time. Hughes—who also recently made controversial claims about French gun control laws and their role in the attacks, which killed 130 people across the nation’s capitol—made the accusations during an interview with Fox Business.

Discussing his concerns over a suspicious guard during the interview, a visibly anxious Hughes told the reporter, “Eventually I found out that six or so wouldn’t show up at all… It seems rather obvious that they had a reason not to show up.” A rep for the venue has responded to Hughes’ claims, calling them “very grave and defamatory accusations against the Bataclan teams.”


Hughes has now apologized for his comments, via an e-mail sent out last night:

“I humbly beg forgiveness from the people of France, the staff and security of the Bataclan, my fans, family, friends and anyone else hurt or offended by the absurd accusations I made in my Fox Business Channel interview. My suggestions that anyone affiliated with the Bataclan played a role in the events of November 13 are unfounded and baseless—and I take full responsibility for them. They do not reflect opinions of my bandmates or anyone associated with Eagles of Death Metal. The shame is 100% mine. I’ve been dealing with non-stop nightmares and struggling through therapy to make sense of this tragedy and insanity. I haven’t been myself since November 13. I realize there’s no excuse for my words, but for what it’s worth: I am sincerely sorry for having hurt, disrespected or accused anyone.”

Eagles Of Death Metal had initially pledged to play the first show at the Bataclan when it reopened, presumably after renovations are completed by year’s end; it’s unclear and/or unlikely whether that pledge will now be carried out.

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