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Eagles Of Death Metal return with a new single

After a seven-year hiatus, Eagles Of Death Metal are back with a new single and a new album. Zipper Down is due later this year, but the single for “Complexity” is out, complete with some weird Star Trek-inspired artwork.

Queens Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes, the only two permanent members of The Eagles (really can’t shorten that, can you?), are featured on the cover looking like two members of Rock ‘N’ Roll Starfleet. It can be assumed from the cover that Homme is the band leader, since he’s wearing gold like Captain Kirk, and Hughes is about to be killed by that little green fella:


The tune itself was previously released on Hughes’ 2011 Boots Electric solo album, Honkey Kong, according to Consequence Of Sound. The new version retains the original’s funky style, but brings more of the hard rock edge that Eagles Of Death Metal are known for with fuzzed-out guitars and banging piano power chords. “Complexity” recalls a groovier “Jailhouse Rock” at times, with a just a touch of disco. About the song, Hughes says, “‘Complexity’ is sort of our way of saying Keep it simple, stupid.”

Zipper Down will be the first album for the duo since 2008’s Heart On; Homme also made a rare live appearance with the band in Paris last week. (Homme rarely plays live with Eagles Of Death Metal due to his commitments to Queens Of The Stone Age and numerous other musical projects.) Eagles Of Death Metal are slated to play at this year’s Riot Fest in Toronto, Chicago, and Denver.

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