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E.T.'s back, and this time he's kicking ass

Considering that Robert Blankenheim’s last fan-made trailer for Titanic: The Sequel presaged an actual, Asylum-produced sequel, does that mean there’s another E.T. on the horizon as well? Blankenheim’s ET-X—which uses clips of grown-up Henry Thomas and Drew Barrymore as well as a bunch of clips from disaster movies and a healthy dose of After Effects—imagines E.T. returning to Earth to save Elliott and the rest of humanity (including Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis, and, uh, The Jonas Brothers) from a fanged, telescoping-necked alien scourge. At six minutes long, it’s more of a short film than a trailer, but it’s entertaining and well-executed from start to finish, so grab some Reese’s Pieces, sit back, and enjoy.

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