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E!’s new bowl of The Soup will premiere in February

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Back in November, E! announced that it was resurrecting celebrity/reality show mockery machine The Soup for some more jokes about all of the wacky stuff the Kardashians do, with comedian Jade Catta-Preta filling in for previous host Joel McHale (and previous-er hosts like Aisha Tyler, Hal Sparks, and Greg Kinnear when it was called Talk Soup). Now, E! has announced when this new version of the show will premiere, so all of the celebrities out there should know that they’re officially on notice. No longer will they be able to do dumb or shocking things on television with impunity! Catta-Preta is on the case!


Oh, anyway, a press release says that the new Soup will premiere on E! on February 12, and Catta-Preta said in a statement that she’s “excited beyond words” for the show, adding that it’s a “total dream” to be able to host a show she’s “always been a fan.” She also made a joke about how the only other thing on her bucket list is to join the Spice Girls, so we’ll mention it as well in case it helps like in The Secret.

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