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E! brings The Arrangement to an end

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Ending one of its two recent forays into the world of scripted entertainment, E! has announced that it’s bringing its second-season celebrity drama series The Arrangement to an end. The show starred Christine Evangelista as a young actress approached by an influential self-help group/religion that is definitely not intended to resemble any extremely litigious groups or their respective thetans, in the interest of getting her married off to the group’s most high-profile star.


The series starred Josh Henderson as superstar Kyle West (and, again, definitely not “Mlom Mruise,” or any other legally similar creation), and Alias’ Michael Vartan as the leader of the group. Deadline reported the cancellation earlier today; The Arrangement’s departure leaves The Royals as the network’s sole original scripted series at the moment. (That show is facing its own problems, meanwhile; the network fired showrunner Mark Schwahn last year, after allegations of sexual harassment were made against him.)

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