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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to star in HBO's Entourage for athletes, basically

Illustration for article titled Dwayne The Rock Johnson to star in HBOs emEntourage/em for athletes, basically

Having bonded over discovering they both have muscles and know how to offload $75,000 worth of sex toys without everyone asking a bunch of questions, Dwayne “I Think We Can Call Me ‘The Rock’ Again, But Let’s Couch It In Ironic Asides To Be Safe” Johnson and Mark Wahlberg will continue that friendship by teaming up on an HBO series for Johnson to star in. Peter Berg is already on board to direct a pilot for the half-hour dramedy, produced by Wahlberg and his Entourage cohort Steve Levinson, that will concern “the lives of athletes—some retired, some still active—living in Miami,” a city that Wahlberg and Johnson fell in love with as a uniquely colorful milieu you can wear tank-tops in front of. Sort of an Entourage set amid the sports world, it similarly promises ample opportunity for satirically exploring the world of professional athletes, likely before similarly devolving into a weekly parade of jokes where dudes call each other pussies while The Rock does that thing with his eyebrows.


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