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Dwayne Johnson will play Shazam or Black Adam or whoever, let’s just make a movie

Appearing in Mexico City to promote Hercules, Dwayne Johnson confirmed rumors that he’ll be appearing in an upcoming DC Comics movie as the superhero Shazam. That is, unless he plays Shazam’s nemesis, the supervillain Black Adam, as the Associated Press reports he’s still “yet to decide” which one he wants to play. Or maybe he’ll play somebody else, but he’ll definitely be in the movie for sure.

“I am putting my heart and soul and my bones into this role,” Johnson said to reporters, while intentionally obfuscating which role he meant. Maybe it’s Shazam’s mail carrier? Black Adam’s funny best friend? The point is, look close enough, and you’ll see Johnson somewhere in Shazam, just as soon as he figures out where he wants to be.


The ambiguity also leaves open the possibility that Johnson will play both roles, and Shazam will just be a movie about Dwayne Johnson smiling and glowering and directing one-liners at himself for 90 minutes, which actually sounds like an exceptionally good time.

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