According to Digital Spy, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has confirmed two predictable developments with the new R-rated Baywatch movie: David Hasselhoff will indeed appear in the forthcoming comedy, and his chest hair will be coming along.

In a very enthusiastic Instagram post, Johnson Facetimes with his future co-star, who says that he was “born ready” for the production. It’s the kind of line you roll your eyes at, except when Hasselhoff says it. (If he didn’t speak in well-worn, macho clichés, would he say anything at all?)


After calling the Baywatch film “Avengers meets Anchorman” (okay), Johnson’s post praises Hasselhoff for “training his ass off” and getting in the “best shape he’s been in in years.” Johnson then praises The Hoff’s legendary chest hair, something the dolphin-sleek leading man can only marvel at and never hope to understand. You can view the post below:


Baywatch will star Johnson, Zach Efron, Alexandra Daddario, and Kelly Rohrbach, and will be directed by Seth Gordon. It won’t hit cinemas until sometime in 2017, which is plenty of time to get Pamela Anderson on board and opine about her boobs on social media.