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Dwayne Johnson says that a Hobbs & Shaw sequel is in the works

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Photo: Hobbs & Shaw (Universal Pictures)

Dreams do come true, provided those dreams are popping out of the head of Dwayne Johnson: As he revealed in a recent Instagram post (via Comic Book), his Fast & Furious spin-off Hobbs & Shaw is getting a sequel, despite the fact that nobody seemed to like it all that much. It made good money, sure, but these Fast & Furious movies are supposed to inspire passionate defense from fans and make people cry with heavy-handed musical moments where Paul Walker’s car drives off to take its own path away from Vin Diesel’s car as a surprisingly touching metaphor for his death. Hobbs & Shaw did not inspire that kind of emotional reaction, and yet, they’re apparently making another one.

This all sounds extremely early, both because all business in Hollywood has slowed to a crawl and because Johnson said in his video that they’re just trying to “figure out the creative right now” and then they’ll determine which “direction we’re going to go.” To us, that makes it sound like Johnson walked into Universal’s headquarters, arched his eyebrow and whipped off his sunglasses, and then the executives all said “We’ll make a sequel sir, we’ll do whatever you want,” and then he flashed one of those charming smiles and went home. In other words, we doubt much of anything has actually been done with Hobbs & Shaw 2. That’s without even taking into account that Fast And Furious 9 has been delayed to 2021 because of the coronavirus. Hobbs & Shaw 2 will definitely come out after that, assuming the ongoing coronavirus shutdown in Hollywood doesn’t become even worse.

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