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Dwayne Johnson’s busy schedule is keeping us from getting a third G.I. Joe movie

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

The video game Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty is partly based around the idea of manufacturing a successor to the world’s greatest hero, mostly through manipulating memories and experiences in a way that will naturally guide this person down the proper path. It didn’t really work out in Metal Gear Solid 2, mostly because the people running the scheme were kind of evil, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that Hollywood needs to do something similar if it has any desire to hold onto the money-making machine that is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. In fact, if Hollywood is smart, there’s already a kid out there being trained as a wrestler, an actor, and an expert mutant hunter (just in case the future needs a different kind of celebrity, specifically one that’s good at killing mutants).

Unfortunately, The Rock 2 doesn’t exist yet—or at least hasn’t been released from his virtual-reality training pod yet—which means the movie industry of today must suffer the hardships of having only one Dwayne Johnson. According to LRM (via Collider), the fact that there’s only one Dwayne Johnson even happens to be the reason why we don’t have a third G.I. Joe movie. That site recently spoke to actor Byung-Hun Lee (who plays Storm Shadow), and he explained that the studio wants to do another G.I. Joe, but right now it’s just a matter of finding openings in the various actors’ schedules. Or, to be more specific, he says “they’re arranging the schedules for the actors, especially Dwayne Johnson.”


Johnson first joined the series with G.I. Joe: Retaliation, but these days he’s got Jumanji, Fast & Furious, Ballers, Disney’s Moana, Baywatch, DC’s Shazam movie, a Rampage movie, and then probably four or five things we’re forgetting about, so it makes sense that he’s a little too busy for another toy movie.

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