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Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam is getting his own movie

(Photo: Getty Images/AFP, Lilly Lawrence)

After walking into a meeting with New Line Cinema and DC executives, Dwayne Johnson shouted an ancient, powerful word and called down a bolt of lightning that magically transformed the humble, long-in-the-works Shazam movie into multiple super-powered Shazam movies; one about the eponymous hero and one about his longtime nemesis, Black Adam. Alright, so the meeting in question probably wasn’t that thrilling, but that is how Shazam and Black Adam manifest their superpowers in the comics, so it stands to reason that an important business meeting about the future of the Shazam movie would play out in a similar way.

According to Deadline, Johnson—who has been attached to play Black Adam for several years—did meet with New Line and DC, and he was somehow able to convince them to give Black Adam his own movie, but that’s pretty much all we know. Even without very many details, though, this is a pretty big deal. Giving Black Adam his own movie means Johnson now has an actual superhero property to call his own, and he won’t have to play second-fiddle to whichever bratty kid they get to play Billy Batson (Shazam’s alter ego).


Johnson tweeted about this meeting a few days ago, foreshadowing that some Black Adam news was on the horizon:

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