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Having presumably already cast its most important character, a ridiculously large pickup truck, the long-in-development movie update of The Fall Guy has moved on to an actor who can match it in both size and charisma: Dwayne “The Rock Is In The Way Of Me Signing The Contract For This Franchise Film, Please Move It” Johnson, who The Hollywood Reporter says is now circling the lead. In the works since that day in 2010 when it seemed The A-Team movie might do something, The Fall Guy, like its ‘80s TV predecessor, concerns a stuntman who moonlights as a bounty hunter, catching criminals using his conveniently applicable stuntman tricks and by just sort of driving around for a while, until he inevitably runs them over. Unlike the TV show, The Fall Guy will be an enormous, Dwayne Johnson-shaped man (though given Johnson’s musical skills, it’s possible he will at least evoke Lee Majors by singing the theme song).


Currently, McG is in talks to direct, with the combined force of McG directing The Rock—in an overblown action movie based on a silly ’80s TV show about a guy named “Colt Seavers”—promising to finally transform the entire city of Hollywood into a bitchin’ Camaro that someone could then jump a truck over.

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