Although we’ve been hearing over and over that only a small group of government types were even aware that the raid was taking place, Dwayne Johnson apparently was privy to the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death hours before any sort of official announcement was made. “Just got word that will shock the world—Land of the free… home of the brave,” he tweeted approximately 45 minutes before the news leaked, adding, “DAMN PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!” Shortly after Obama’s address confirming the rumors, Johnson (whose birthday is today) said he “couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present,” then summed up his feelings with “AMERICA BROUGHT IT — TEAM BRING IT FOREVER PROUD.” Although he’s since retweeted someone else who suggested that the erstwhile Rock play one of the Navy SEALs who brought down Bin Laden in a film to be directed by Ron Howard, Johnson has yet to comment on how he was let in on the secret so long before everyone else. But it seems pretty obvious that he was given the information as part of a congratulatory call from Obama on Fast Five’s opening weekend, currently the second greatest reason to be an American today. [via Movieline]