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Dwayne Johnson is making a movie based on a drawing of a teddy bear

In a match of man and material unrivaled since Marlon Brando brought The Godfather to life from a discarded pizza box, Dwayne “The Bedrock Of Good Ideas” Johnson is producing and potentially starring in Teddy Bear, a film based on a drawing of a teddy bear. Specifically, fantasy artist Alex Panagopoulos’ illustration “Sweet Halloween Dreams,” which depicts a small teddy bear holding an equally tiny sword and shield, fending off a giant monster to protect a sleeping little girl. A former assistant of Johnson’s reportedly saw the drawing online and—rather than simply reposting it to Facebook followed by “OMG ADORABLE”—she brought it to the attention of Beau Flynn, the producer behind Johnson’s Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Inspired anew by another pastiche of derivative fantasy strains and goopy sentimentality—and also Ted, the lesson of which was “Audiences demand teddy bears!”—the duo have set out to turn that teddy bear drawing into a veritable Teddy Bear “franchise” that will likely have Rock co-starring in some capacity, provided he isn’t suddenly lured away by the opportunity to play Sad Clown or House With Sun.


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