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Dwayne Johnson is impossible to hate, case file #417: Instagram prank

The Rock on Screen Junkies

Now that he’s proven himself to be The Rock that can beat up all the other rocks, Dwayne Johnson is continuing his mission to be the most genially good-natured and likable man on the planet. He’s currently in the middle of filming Central Intelligence, the comedy co-starring sentient double-take Kevin Hart and directed by We’re The Millers’ Rawson Marshall Thurber. But amid all that mismatched buddy comedy fun, he took a moment to have a goof with his Instagram followers:


For those without the patience to sit through a 10-second clip, the gist of it entails the man who no longer wants to be called “The Rock” but has an Instagram account named “therock” telling the following story:

I just stepped off set. My director, Rawson Thurber, just ran up to me. We had a little accident. He said, ‘Are you bleeding?’ I said, ‘Bleed? I ain’t got time to bleed.’ Let’s pop this son-of-a-bitch back in.

And right around that second-to-last sentence, the camera pans down to reveal a ring finger horribly bent out of joint. Unsurprisingly, the whole thing is a put-on, as Variety confirms that yes, we can smell what The Rock is cooking, and it’s the smell of deception—the injury is a prosthetic. YA BURNT, INTERNET.

Really, the whole thing is a testament to Johnson’s charisma, because, let’s face it, pranks are the worst. The fact that this man can make us all look at an unpleasant fake injury and not roll our eyes and click “unfollow” demonstrates that we will indeed follow him to the ends of the Earth (on Instagram, and Twitter, and anywhere else he needs following.)


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