(Photo: Getty Images/FilmMagic, Axelle/Bauer-Griffin)

Much like the overly complicated rules of one of those weird board games you get at a special aisle in the toy store, more and more details about Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart’s Jumanji movie are slowly becoming clearer. Back in August, we learned that it’s going to be a sequel to the original Robin Williams-starring film (not a reboot, as some expected), and also that Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan would be joining previously announced co-stars Nick Jonas and Jack Black. Now, Johnson has given us our first hint at the film’s aesthetic, with him posting an image of some concept art for his character on Instagram:


If you can look past the distractingly excellent name—which is easily good enough to be included on this list of great names—you may notice that The Smoldering Dr. Bravestone looks a little bit like another famous movie adventurer, specifically Indiana Jones. Granted, The Smoldering Dr. Bravestone is different enough that he could simply fit into the same kind of archetype is Indiana Jones, but Johnson actually confirmed on Twitter that the design is specifically an “homage to a film that inspired [him]” as a kid and that Steven Spielberg is aware of it:

No concept art for Kevin Hart’s character has been released yet, but hopefully he wears a tattered Yankees hat for the whole movie.