Furious 7

Aside from maybe Star Wars and the Marvel movies, the Fast & Furious series is inexplicably one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood. For seven movies (or at least for the last few good ones), Vin Diesel’s gang of misfits has delighted movie audiences with increasingly outrageous stunts, nonsensical plots, and surprisingly rad fight scenes. Dwayne Johnson joined the crew recently, adding some new life and crazy huge muscles to the series, but it sounds like he’s going to personally shake things up for Fast 8.

On Instagram, Johnson shared a photo of his character, Luke Hobbs, along with a lengthy caption about the future of the series. For starters, some bad stuff is going to happen to Hobbs in the next movie, and it’s going to take him to “a very dangerous and twisted place.” Presumably, that means he’ll somehow be topping the “Daddy’s gotta go to work” scene from the last movie and break himself out of a full-body cast or one of those iron maiden torture devices.


Also, Johnson says that if he were going to do another one of these movies, it would only be to “disrupt the franchise in a cool way that got fans fired up and their blood pumping.” Based on the photo, he’s going to disrupt the franchise by growing a pointy beard and wearing one of those chain wallets. He thinks the fans “will really dig this new version” of Hobbs, though, and then he adds that “disrupters dent the universe,” because that’s apparently a thing he says.