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Dwayne Johnson and Will Ferrell team up for Fox pro-wrestling sitcom

"You guys smell that?" (Photo: Ron Elkman / Sports Imagery / Getty Images)

Pop culture is hitting critical mass, as a scripted comedy about the hyper-masculine soap opera that is sports entertainment is coming to Fox. Dwayne Johnson and Will Ferrell are teaming up for a sitcom—sorry, “single-cam, hour-long comedy”—about the world of professional wrestling. The project was just picked up and received a pilot commitment over at Fox. Andrew Gurland, creator of FX’s Married, will pen the pilot.

“This November will mark the 20th anniversary of my professional wrestling debut,” which featured “stories so colorful you’d think there’s no way that can be true,” Johnson says. He adds, “the entertaining show that goes on in front of the crowd pales in comparison to the insanely entertaining show that goes on backstage.” The show is described as a fish-out-of-water tale, featuring a comedy writer who comes into the world of wrestling and his relationship with a charismatic young sports entertainment star, possibly nicknamed “The Boulder.” Much of the show will apparently be based on the relationship between Johnson and former WWE head writer Brian Gewirtz.


Will Ferrell will produce, and presumably make a guest appearance where, for the first time, a goofy outfit and silly wig may actually propel the story instead of just being the basis for a bro-y Halloween costume. This is one of two pro-wrestling projects currently in development; Marc Maron and Allison Brie are also on board for a new Netflix show based on the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling.

The writers certainly have their work cut out for them. Really, what could be as funny as this?:

[via Variety]

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