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Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart to play buddies in a new action comedy

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart have signed on to buddy up in New Line’s upcoming action-comedy Central Intelligence. Directed by We’re The Millers’ Rawson Marshall Thurber, the film casts Hart as a mild-mannered accountant and former high school sports star recruited by Johnson’s bullied-nerd-turned-CIA-contract-killer to stop a sinister criminal plot.

Hart is on a buddy roll lately, having just finished filming Ride Along 2, where he presumably worked on such important buddying skills as “having a much different size, shape, and demeanor than your buddy,” “feeling betrayed but then realizing your buddy is in danger, so you go back and save him,” and “bickering (non-sexual tension variant).”


Johnson, on the other hand, hasn’t really buddied since his time with Seann William Scott in 2003’s The Rundownthe Fast & Furious movies, thanks to their ensemble nature, are merely “palling around.” Still, if the following borderline-terrifying Instagram message to Hart is anything to go on, the man isn’t lacking for budding buddy enthusiasm.

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