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It is a flat-out ridiculously great week at the video store, with five of 2008’s most acclaimed, must-see, love-‘em-or-hate-‘em-they’re-sure-to-be-talked-about-for-decades-hence kind of movies: Milk, Rachel Getting Married, Happy-Go-Lucky, Synecdoche New York and Let The Right One In. Add in the animated classics Pinocchio and Gulliver’s Travels in new special editions, a complete collection of the superb Robbie Coltrane crime series Cracker, and even the legendary so-bad-it’s-bad boondoggle Howard The Duck and man, where do you start?


But with all that goodness (and in one case, sublime badness) to sort through, it would be a shame if one of ‘08’s undersung gems got lost in the shuffle. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss Role Models, which combines the snarky comic stylings of Paul Rudd and The State/Stella crew (with a few Apatow vets thrown in) and the underdog-makes-good/slob-versus-snob uplift of classic ‘80s comedies. It’s a real treat.

The Baron: The Complete Series

Koch, $59.98

Battle In Seattle

Universal, $14.98; Blu-ray, $28.98

Ben X

Film Movement, $24.95

The Best Years: The Complete First Season

Koch, $49.98

The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

Miramax, $29.99

Brokeback Mountain

Universal Blu-ray, $29.98

Cadillac Records

Sony, $27.96; Blu-ray, $39.95

Caroline In The City: The Second Season

Paramount, $39.98

The Casino Job

Maverick, $24.98

Cracker: The Complete Collection

Acorn, $119.99


Starz/Anchor Bay, $26.97

Escape To Witch Mountain

Disney, $19.99

Family Ties: The Fifth Season

Paramount, $39.98

Forgotten Ellis Island

PBS, $24.99

Fractals: Hunting The Hidden Dimension

PBS, $24.95

Get Smart: Season 2

HBO, $24.98

Groom Lake

Koch, $19.98


Miramax, $29.99

Howard The Duck

Universal, $14.98

Japan Japan

Water Bearer, $19.95

Let The Right One In

Magnolia, $26.98; Blu-ray, $34.98


Koch, $24.98

Marie And Bruce

Weinstein/Miriam, $24.95

Max Fleischer’s Gulliver’s Travels

Koch, $14.98; Blu-ray, $19.98


Universal, $29.98, Blu-ray, $39.98

The Miracle Worker (1979)

Shout! Factory, $14.99


Disney, $29.99; Blu-ray, $35.99

Primal Fear (1996)

Paramount, $14.98; Blu-ray, $29.99

Rachel Getting Married

Sony, $28.96; Blu-ray, $39.95

Return From Witch Mountain

Disney, $19.99

Role Models

Universal, $29.98; Blu-ray, $39.98

A Secret

Strand, $27.99

South Park: The Complete Twelfth Season

Comedy Central, $49.99; Blu-ray, $69.99

The Starter Wife: Season 1

Universal, $34.98

Stevie Wonder: Live At Last

Motown, $19.99; Blu-ray, $24.95

The Story Of India

PBS, $34.99

Synecdoche New York

Sony, $28.96; Blu-ray, $39.95

Transporter 3

Lionsgate, $29.95/$34.98; Blu-ray, $39.99)

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