The list is loaded this week, with all the key categories represented. Want TV? Nickelodeon has a nice box set of Avatar The Last Airbender; HBO has the first season of its wry sitcom Hung; and the retro-minded Timeless has a collection of the offbeat 1961 detective series Checkmate (about an agency tasked with stopping crimes before they happen).Want arthouse? Catherine Breillatā€™s version of Bluebeard is one of her most provocative and accessible films; SebastiĆ”n Silvaā€™s The Maid shows what happens when a faithful family servant gets burned out; and Abbas Kiarostamiā€™s essential Iranian drama Close-Up gets the Criterion treatment on DVD and Blu-ray. Want rock ā€˜nā€™ roll? You can pick up a document of Bruce Springsteenā€™s recent world tour, and/or a look back at the creation of The Rolling Stonesā€™ Exile On Main Street. Want to take a closer look at the dynamics of an endless conflict? Take your pick: both Green Zone and the original Death Race 2000 are available today.

Avatar The Last Airbender: The Complete Book One
Nickelodeon, $55.98

Strand, $27.99

The Bourne Trilogy
Universal Blu-ray, $69.98

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band: London Calling - Live In Hyde Park
Columbia, $17.98; Blu-ray, $29.98


Checkmate: The Complete Series
Timeless, $79.98

The Childrenā€™s War
Cinema Libre, $19.95

Criterion, $39.95; Blu-ray, $39.95

Death Race 2000
Shout! Factory, $19.98; Blu-ray, $26.97

Entourage: The Complete Sixth Season
HBO, $39.98; Blu-ray, $49.99

MTI, $24.95

Cinema Libre, $24.95

The Good Guy
Lionsgate, $27.98

Green Zone
Universal, $29.98; Blu-ray, $39.98

Hung: The Complete First Season
HBO, $39.98; Blu-ray, $49.99

The Last Station
Sony, $27.96; Blu-ray, $34.95

Le Combat Dans Lā€™Ile
Zeitgeist, $29.99

The Maid
Oscilloscope, $29.99

Red Desert
Criterion, $39.95; Blu-ray, $39.95

Remember Me
Summit, $26.99; Blu-ray, $34.99

Vivendi, $19.97; Blu-ray, $24.99

Rock Slyde: Private Eye
Monarch, $24.95

Sheā€™s Out Of My League
Dreamworks, $29.98; Blu-ray, $39.99

A Star Is Born
Warner, $20.98; Blu-ray, $34.99

Stones In Exile
Fontana, $19.98

Phase 4, $29.99

Wolf Moon
Lionsgate, $26.98