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Dust off moldy gold with the recently rediscovered LP from John Hulburt

Before being rediscovered by singer-songwriter Ryley Walker in a Chicago record store in 2012, John Hulburt’s private press LP hadn’t seen the light of day in 40 years. Now that LP, Opus III, is getting re-released by Tompkins Square on August 28, thus letting listeners really dig into the late Hulburt’s acoustic stylings. Though Hulburt was best known (relatively speaking) as the frontman of ‘60s Chicago garage band The Knaves, Opus III is more roots-influenced. That’s evident in “Evil Olive Waltz,” which The A.V. Club is premiering below. Full of finger-picking and solemn tones, the track is 90 seconds of centered loveliness.


Interested parties can pre-order Opus III now via Tompkins Square.

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