Though Appleton has long been a quiet Wisconsin town, it’s recently had eyes on it thanks to its breakout rock band, Tenement. Led by Amos Pitsch, Tenement released one of the year’s many great double albums, Predatory Headlights, on Don Giovanni Records. But in addition to that—and recording numerous other acts—Pitsch has also launched a country-tinged side-project known as Dusk. On October 9 the band will release its debut 7-inch, and The A.V. Club is premiering the B-side to that Forward Records single, “Too Sweet,” below. Unlike the record’s A-side, Pitsch turns over vocal duty to Julia Blair, whose husky voice lends a sultry soul quality to the track. While Pitsch’s percussive guitar strikes are still present, Dusk translates them in a way that calls for danceable hip-shaking instead of the avant-garde jazz freakouts of Tenement.

Pre-orders for “(Do The) Bored Recluse” b/w “Too Sweet” are available now.