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“Dungeons & Donalds” makes Trump slightly more palatable as a boastful DM

Image: @DungeonsAndDonalds

It seems harder and harder for people to wrap their collective heads around the fact that Donald Trump is going to be a presidential nominee for the GOP. Yes, the award-winning co-star of Ghosts Can’t Do It is on the path to the White House. It’s a strange time for citizens of every country when this is a legitimate possibility, so why not make it even stranger by throwing in a dash of fantasy? The Twitter account @DungeonsAndDonalds repurposes Trump’s incendiary tweets and bombastic boasts from the political bend into one Dungeon Master’s ego trip into his own abilities at running successful Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.

The account perfectly captures Trump’s mannerisms and tone while diverging wildly from topics of deportation into topics of what spells to cast or what beasts to slay.


It’s an insane mashup of two wildly different worlds that reads like Gary Gygax’s id taken shape, in Twitter form. In addition to bragging about his conquests on the pretend battlefield, the author of the account (still unknown) also blends previous Trump talking points into more D&D accurate topics.

Or even better yet are the entries which position Trump as not playing a political game, but instead simply squaring off with opponents with a set of dice and some miniatures.


It’s an engaging, funny, and rather nerdy read that actually makes the tyrannical proclamations of an egotist even sadder and more deluded. Be sure to check out the rest of the tweets over at DungeonsAndDonalds.


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