Photo: Frazer Harrison (Getty Images)

Moon and Warcraft director Duncan Jones has already announced his intention to direct an adaptation of British sci-fi comic Rogue Trooper, but before he can head off to Nu-Earth and join in on the war between the Norts and Southers, he’s going to make a TV show. As reported by Deadline, Jones is going to direct a TV adaptation of Tony Kent’s Killer Intent, the first book in a series of thriller novels about an intelligence agent named Joe Dempsey trying to thwart a plot to overthrow the British government. To do that, he has to team up with a CNN reporter “determined to get her headline” and a “barrister with a secret past.”

Tony Kent is writing the adaptation alongside an “American-style writers’ room of established TV talent.” Deadline doesn’t say when or how we might have a chance to see this, but surely it’ll pop up somewhere with a big name like Jones attached.