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Last week, Moon and Warcraft director Duncan Jones teased that his next project would be a “pretty special” comic book adaptation, and though he didn’t offer any other information, Edgar Wright jumped in to say that he knew what Jones was working on and that he was “excited” about it. We would’ve had a hard time trying to predict what he was making, since DC is developing multiple Joker spin-offs and Marvel is digging so deep that it’s seriously considering an Eternals movie, but luckily Jones didn’t make us wait long for the reveal. Today, he posted a slightly more informative video on Twitter:


If you don’t get the hint, Jones is referencing Rogue Trooper, the genetically modified super-soldier from the classic British anthology comic 2000 AD (best known for originating Judge Dredd). In retrospect, the fact that the teasing was coming from two Englishmen like Jones and Wright seems like it should’ve been a big clue, but you would’ve had to be a relatively big nerd to even pull out Rogue Trooper as a reference, let alone an actual prediction. Oh sure, there was a Rogue Trooper video game a few years ago, but even that is still fairly obscure.

Anyway, Rogue Trooper was created by Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons (of Watchmen fame), and it’s about a blue soldier guy in the future with the personalities of his friends implanted in his helmet, gun, and backpack. Grant Morrison was attached to a Rogue Trooper movie way back in 2011, but this is probably unrelated to that.

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