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Dumbo still looks weird, but at least it doesn't have any genies

Everything we’ve seen from Tim Burton’s Dumbo has been pretty weird, but on a night when Disney has already given us our first look at Will Smith’s Genie in Aladdin, there’s not really anything Dumbo can do to shock us. So it’s fitting that this Dumbo trailer seems to be the least unnerving of the bunch, even if it does have a lot of recognizable actors doing weird stuff as a sad elephant hangs around in the background. So yeah, maybe it is still pretty weird, but it’s not blue Will Smith. We’ll take anything that’s not blue Will Smith at this point.

Anyway, this Dumbo teaser has a monkey in a drawer for emergencies and Michael Keaton, both of which are generally pretty good. Dumbo will be in theaters on March 29.


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