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Perspective is an interesting thing. Presented in one way, Dumb And Dumber is a goofy comedy featuring two doofuses making their way across the country. But by moving elements outside of their original context, it suddenly becomes a very moving story of love, longing, and finding one’s true purpose in life. At least that’s the way it appears in this new trailer remix from Mashable Watercooler that casts the movie in a new light that would be much bigger award bait than the original.

True, others have recut a trailer for Dumb And Dumber before, turning it into a tense thriller-drama or a horror film. But this latest version is all about being uplifting while tugging at heartstrings, making Lloyd’s journey not just one of misguided lust but also a spiritual quest to find himself in this crazy world we live in. Mashable’s efforts pay off as the trailer looks very much like something indie studios would release at Sundance or late in the year to cash in on the emotional weight of a man just learning to love again. Plus it’s always better to revisit the original, in whatever perspective or context, than to try to bare through that dreadful sequel.

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