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Dumb 20-year-old is The Daily Stormer’s new savior

(Photo: Getty Images/LightRocket/Pacific Press, Albin Lohr-Jones)

As newly emboldened neo-Nazis and white supremacists have crawled out of their little holes over the last few weeks, a lot of organizations—at least those that aren’t affiliated with Donald Trump—have decided to step and publicly denounce the racist assholes of the world. This has been particularly troublesome for neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer, which was booted from GoDaddy and Google before finding a home at a new Russian domain page. Apparently, though, Donald Trump isn’t the only one who doesn’t have a problem with Nazis.

As reported by ProPublica (via Splinter), a dumb 20-year-old kid named Nick Lim has decided it would be a good idea to promote his startup BitMitigate by giving the site a home that is protected by the anti-DDoS attack technology of Lim’s internet service provider. Lim, who is Asian-American, isn’t doing this because he’s a Nazi, though. He’s doing it because he’s a dumb kid who thinks this is a “free speech” issue (it’s not) and because he thinks this is a good opportunity to make money (it’s not).


Lim has admitted both of those things, saying “I thought it would really get my service out there” when ProPublica asked why he purposefully offered to work with The Daily Stormer. On social media, he said, “it’s not for me to play god and decide who can speak and what can be said,” which has been enough for a number of Twitter Nazis to proclaim him an “honorary Aryan and hero of the white race.” As for how controversial this is all becoming, he says the “whole thing is really entertaining.”

But let’s not be too hard on this guy. After all, he is just doing this to promote his company, BitMitigate, and there are very few ways to promote your startup that are quite as effective as publicly declaring that you’re happy to support Nazis in their attempts to spread hate and violence across the world. Once again, the name of that company is BitMitigate, and it is happy to take in any and all Nazis for their web hosting needs.


[Note: Splinter, like The A.V. Club, is owned by Univision Communications.]

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