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Dudes on dating apps will respond to anything, including AI-generated nonsense

Photo: Getty Images/Martin Prescott

You already knew this, but there are more men than women on dating apps. And the majority of women still using them have migrated to newer, more woman-friendly dating apps like Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel, which don’t allow random men to send them unwanted messages. As such, the men still stumbling through these apps have become increasingly desperate for female attention of any kind. Hey, it’s gotta be a great time to be a bot.

As proof of this, Mic’s Melanie Ehrenkranz hopped onto Tinder armed with 20 pickup lines, each of which was generated by a neural network that “uses machine learning to predict and generate text that is meant to imitate human language.” Surprise, it didn’t imitate human language so much as smash it with a hammer and haphazardly put the pieces back together.


Of the pickup lines, Ehrenkranz writes:

They ranged from the sweet (“I want to see you to my heart”) to the nonsensical (“I have a cenver? Because I just stowe must your worms”).

I told one guy he “looked like a thing” and I loved him, and he told me he hoped I had a bush. I told another one I would bear his toot. He asked if I was looking to fuck and whether or not I liked Led Zeppelin.

While a few guys responded with the proper amount of skepticism, most of the men she messaged couldn’t see the ruse through the hearts in their eyes. Dating apps can be hell for women, but, hey, at least they don’t need to obsess over the perfect opening line. As Ehrenkranz proves, “[M]en will respond to literally anything.”

Head on over to Mic to see even more examples of her adventures.


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