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Dubstep Transformers video almost justifies dubstep's existence. Almost.

Beyond the much-loved Dogstep video, dubstep hasn’t really been put to much use beyond stoner college kids scoring muted episodes of Planet Earth to pulsating whomps. No one really knows what to do with dubstep, and with the rise of “post-dubstep” artist James Blake, it seems like the world has moved on. But YouTuber Salad UK hasn’t let go just yet. He’s made a bit of a name for himself in the last year taking grandiose movie sequences and timing them to huge dubstep tunes. He shows that if dubstep is good for anything, it’s making intricate fight sequences and shit that blows up look even cooler.

Recently, his video for the first movie in Michael Bay’s Transformers series has been making the rounds, and it’s pretty great. By entirely removing Megan Fox and Shia LeBeouf from the movie, all that’s left are insane setpieces of robots attacking humans and robot-on-robot violence. As an added bonus, the action is stitched together to the beats of the tracks, making the sequences visually comprehensible.


Transformers Dubstep HD/720p from Dean SaladUK Wyatt on Vimeo.