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Dryden Vos’ set was loaded with deep-cut Star Wars references

One of the perks of watching films set in a lived-in universe, like that of the Star Wars movies, is that every frame is filled with unnamed objects and characters that hint at a larger world just outside the scope of the story you’re being told. Recently, The Star Wars Show invited viewers to take a behind-the-scenes look at Solo, to show a bit of the subtle world-building that was on display in Dryden Vos’ study. The biggest take away: Seems like Dryden Vos was a huge Star Wars nerd.


Every table in this ruthless, galactic gangster’s office is covered with artifacts and memorabilia that Vos (Paul Bettany) has collected through nefarious means over the years. While some of these are just neat-looking trinkets, waiting to be given a backstory in an upcoming extended universe property, some of them come directly from existing stories that fans may already know. The Dancing Goddess, a highly sought-after emerald statue that’s changed hands repeatedly on the black market first appeared in a 1983 Marvel Star Wars comic, “The Big Con.” A large crystal skull on another table is actually Xim’s Death Head, which some may recognize from the cover of Han Solo And The Lost Legacy, the third and final novel in Brian Daley’s original Han Solo trilogy.

Finally, Vos somehow got his hands on a full suit of Mandalorian armor, which some fans spotted in the trailer and incorrectly assumed would lead to some sort of Boba Fett connection. Nope. Turns out Vos just has an appreciation for the famous warrior race and likely uses the armor as a fun conversation starter at cocktail parties. This behind-the-scenes feature fails to mention that the golden fertility idol from Raiders Of The Lost Arc also makes an appearance in Vos’ study, but we can’t really hold it against them for missing it. There’s already a lot of Star Wars going on here without bringing in other film universes, too.

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