Comedy Central’s Drunk History is getting ready to film its third season of totally sober comedians telling completely accurate stories about historical events, but in order to do that, it apparently needs your help. Yes, you! Well, assuming you live in one of the cities it’s visiting this year, so maybe not you specifically.

According to a Facebook post, the show is looking for people who live in New Orleans, Las Vegas, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Miami, Cleveland, New Mexico, and Los Angeles—some of which aren’t cities—to send in one-minute videos of themselves talking about why they love where they live. Obviously, that will be easy for people who live in [pick a place you like], but will be nearly impossible for people who live in [pick a place you don’t like]. Take that, [place you don’t like, which is probably New Jersey]. Once you’ve made your video, send it to, and then wait patiently until host Derek Waters shows up and makes you semi-famous for drunkenly rambling about how great your local whatever is on TV.


Also, the Facebook post specifically points out that Drunk History isn’t looking for story ideas or segment narrators. Those jobs are for drunken professionals, not regular-joe drunks. However, if you’d like people to actually pay attention to your alcohol-fueled nonsense, we suggest leaving a comment on The A.V. Club.