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Drunk History is getting its own museum exhibit

Photo: Neilson Barnard (Getty Images)

History is a pretty boring subject on its own, since it’s not like anyone who doesn’t learn about it is doomed to do anything in particular, but there’s something about Comedy Central’s Drunk History that makes the whole thing much more entertaining. Maybe it’s because it’s funny to watch funny people be funny, and the average history lesson doesn’t involve rambling digressions about finding mozzarella sticks or casting celebrities to play historical figures in reenactments? Yeah, that’s probably it.

Either way, Drunk History will soon be getting the recognition it deserves in the form of an actual museum exhibit that recreates some of its most memorable moments. Alright, “actual museum exhibit” may be overselling it, because this thing’s not going in the Field Museum or whatever, but it will be put on display at the Paley Center For Media in Beverly Hills starting this week. A press release says that the Drunk History exhibit will feature dioramas that “represent each episode of the new season” of the show (which doesn’t premiere until January 15), and there will apparently be a bunch of hidden Easter eggs for fans of the show to look for. Hopefully at least one of the Easter eggs involves picking out which of the characters in the reenactment is played by host Derek Waters, just like with the show itself. That’s always a little fun.


You can learn more about the Drunk History exhibit at the Paley Center website.

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