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Drug dealers, sex workers finding some creative ways to support Australia's bushfire relief efforts

Photo: Andrew Merry (Getty Images)

Listen: Australia is on fucking fire, man. The country is experiencing one of the worst droughts in decades, and, due to a record-breaking heatwave and strong winds, fire is spreading at a terrifying rate, destroying homes and native wildlife.

Dozens of celebrities have donated money to help combat the crisis, while the world’s less affluent are finding more creative ways to lend a hand. That includes, wouldn’t you know, your friendly neighborhood drug dealer. Despite being the kind of guy who texts what they have in stock to every contact in their phone, one dealer offered 10% of all purchases made last weekend to directly support bushfire relief. “As a lot of my family have been affected...not a joke,” he told one of his customers, who obviously screenshot the text and uploaded it online for it to go viral. “Actually being legit.”


Of course, coke’s not everyone’s thing, but, hey, there’s always nudes. A number of sex workers have been offering nude photos to those who can provide proof they’ve donated money to any charity involved with relief efforts. The nude-for-donation exchange reportedly kicked off when “naked philanthropist Kaylen Ward—@lilearthangelk (NSFW, obviously)—tweeted out a call to arms (still NSFW!) earlier this month.


Ward tells the New York Times she raised over $1 million, and she’s not the only sex worker offering this trade-off. See a few examples below.


If you’re disinterested in cocaine and nudes and would just like to donate, you can send funds over to the Australian Red Cross or wildlife charities like the RSPCA or the WWF. You can also send money directly to fire departments in Australia, like the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, the Country Fire Service Foundation in South Australia, or the Country Fire Authority in Victoria.


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