Drug Church is the type of band that loves a good, heavy riff, preferably the kind that would be found on a Quicksand record. On its second full-length Hit Your Head, Drug Church delves further into the ’90s riffing that it tapped into on its Swell EP earlier this year. Throughout the album, the band takes a page out of Seaweed’s book, bouncing dueling guitar parts off one another in order to craft songs that are equally aggressive and melodic. Hit Your Head is coming October 30 via No Sleep Records, but The A.V Club is premiering the video for “Bagged,” a new track off the album, below. Vocalist Patrick Kindlon explains why the video, directed by Max Moore, puts such faith in the occult:

Couldn’t get the rights to The Craft to produce an official sequel, so we’re just gonna have to call this homage. Like those movies you see in Redbox with names like Jurassic World War, or Mad Dax: Roads of Fury. Regardless, here’s the lesson you can pull from the original film and our tribute: Magic works. Get in on some arcane ritual and make your revenge dreams a reality.


Pre-orders for Hit Your Head are available now.