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Drown your sorrows in a new Mad Men box set, complete with drinking supplies

Photo: Amazon

There’s a new Mad Men box set available on Amazon that comes with all sorts of goodies to help you drown your sorrows about the fact that Mad Men has been off the air for over a year, as well as your sorrows about this week in general. Like Kodak’s Carousel, the complete box set promises nostalgia, memories, and the ability to go backward and forward in time. Like a night at the Draper’s, it also promises booze. It also comes with two handmade low-ball tumblers that you should fill with nothing other than straight liquor if you’re going for Mad Men authenticity. The tumblers are accompanied by four collectable cork coasters featuring images from the opening credits.

The DVDs include all the special features ever released in pervious sets, commentaries for every single episode, and over four hours of brand new, exclusive special features, including: Mad Men Cast Wrap Ups, One On One With Matthew Weiner, Casting Mad Men, Design Of A Decade, Mad Men Advertising Archives, and a Show/Historical Milestones Timeline. So, if nothing else, it will at least provide a lengthy distraction from the perils that surround us. For $85, you can escape to Don Draper’s world. We also recommend just watching “Zou Bisou Bisou” on a loop for the foreseeable future.


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