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Drop the beat and fight the Demogorgon, it’s a Stranger Things rap song

Image: Netflix

Stranger Things has inspired all manner of geeky adoration since it dropped just a few weeks ago. From fan art to musical playlists to posts about the show’s influences and even the fonts used, it has definitely tickled a nostalgic part of the nerd collective’s brain. And now, in the grand tradition of The Monster Squad and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret Of The Ooze, it has even inspired its own rap song. Made by Maculate and Mega Ran, “Stranger Things (Part One)” is an exclusive song for Mega Ran’s fan club, but the duo have created a video that matches up with the lyrics of the song (spoilers abound for those who haven’t finished the series yet).

It’s a slick song that covers the narrative of the series while also going off on various geeky tangents about the influences within The Duffer Brothers’ Netflix show. The nerdcore rapper does a great job of summarizing the events with some clever wordplay. As for what Part Two will cover, well it’s unknown at this point, but Mega Ran did suggest a possible collaboration with actor Finn Wolfhard (“Mike Wheeler” on the show):


1983’s best Dungeon Master dropping rhymes over a slick beat? Sounds like a hit!

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