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Drink up the majestic hair on these Minnesota high school hockey players

Screenshot: 2017 Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team

Every year, John King creates a video tribute to the glorious hair of Minnesota high school hockey players. It’s a thing of quiet beauty, the lo-fi production quality of the video matching the easygoing beauty of the hockey players’ coiffures. Welcome to paradise:

Featuring grainy film seemingly shot on an iPhone off a TV screen, this year’s video is particularly high-concept, featuring a whole damn poem written in “iambic pucktameter.” It’s not all goofy puns, though; the actual hair is so beautiful it will bring you to tears. Thrill in low-definition as a parade of mullets, patchy mustaches, feathery life-guard manes, and, ultimately, rich Fabio-like thickets of hair buzz through your field of vision.


If hungry for more, visit last year’s hair, which is as charmingly out of sync with our time as ever:

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