Image: Inflatable Pubs

Life is a never-ending parade of indignities, an assault on your basic sense of self that you are duty-bound to stave off, one day at a time, with whatever means necessary. For Homer Simpson, that often means retiring to the sanctity of Moe’s Tavern, a quiet watering hole where he can consume shitty beer in peace.

Now, thanks to a company called Inflatable Pub, you can too. For a meager $4,500, you can purchase a gigantic inflatable replica of the Springfield staple, with thick, cake-like piping around the edges that makes the establishment seem ripped from the cartoon. It’s only available for pre-order now, and there’s only one image of it available, but other inflatable pubs on the website offer expansive, detailed interiors, complete with fireplaces, working taps, and bar-like seating. Hopefully there‘s a sturdy enough counter for some pickled eggs.

The purchase page details that there’s room for 60 people within the structure, but, really, the most exciting possible application of this is a single person or two sitting inside the giant inflatable, quietly dulling themselves to the terror of being alive, before walking 30 feet through the side yard back into their actual homes. That is how Moe would want it.


[via Boing Boing]