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Drew Carey and Craig Ferguson to swap shows for April Fools’ Day

In a fun callback to the halcyon days of their youth, when the pair would frolic endlessly through the lovely streets of Cleveland on The Drew Carey Show and do wacky April Fools’ Day episodes every year, Drew Carey and Craig Ferguson have announced that they’ll be switching places on April 1 for Freaky Friday-esque episodes of The Price Is Right and The Late Late Show. As reported by Variety, Carey will talk to Carl Reiner, Cleveland-based writer Connie Schultz, and Joan Jett on his Late Late Show, while Ferguson will bring his wacky robot sidekick Geoff to The Price Is Right. Unlike the “What’s Wrong With This Episode?” bits that The Drew Carey Show used to do every year—in which viewers who picked out every single silly mistake in the episode (they turned into video game characters, they said the wrong name, etc.) could win cash prizes—Carey and Ferguson probably won’t try to do awful jobs on purpose. That would just confuse the elderly people and college kids who are the target audiences of The Price Is Right and The Late Late Show.


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