The weighty, looming threat of coming apocalypse has finally crushed the glitter-dusted daffodil of Drew Barrymore's spirit, who has announced her intention to follow up Whip It by directing The End, a drama about the end of the world. However, unlike the many other recent and forthcoming apocalypse films, Barrymore is determined to make her story of mankind's extinction "uplifting and humanistic rather than a downer," using multiple storylines and characters—among them a father in Tokyo trying to reach his wife and baby, two Midwestern teenagers in love torn apart by their families, and a sixtysomething London DJ determined to broadcast until life's final moments—to tell a story that proves that total global annihilation doesn't always have to be so cynical and depressing, as in comparatively bleak films such as Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World. Disappointing many who want to reference that one Saturday Night Live spoof, Barrymore has no plans as yet to add herself to the cast, but know that she'll be right there with you, putting a hopeful smiley face on Armageddon.