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Drew Barrymore to direct Wizard Of Oz sequel

Cinematical reports that Drew Barrymore is set to direct what feels like the fifteenth Oz movie announced in the last couple months—and it's not that rumored prequel with Robert Downey Jr., either. Back in 2002, Barrymore was attached to star in Surrender Dorothy, a script from Stranger Than Fiction scribe Zach Helm, now she plans to go behind the camera instead, directing the film as her first follow-up to Whip It. Barrymore’s Surrender Dorothy will likely feel similar to Spielberg’s Hook (and ironically, not like Return To Oz) in that it returns to Oz to fight the same evil all over again: Here, Dorothy’s great-great-granddaughter travels to Oz to once more wield the power of the ruby slippers, whatever that is, against a rehabilitated Wicked Witch of the West, who was liquidated but not killed by Dorothy’s bucket of water, and is now out to conquer both Oz and Earth. While casting hasn't begun, Barrymore's role behind the camera probably precludes her from appearing as Dorothy's great-great-granddaughter. Besides, she’d make a way better great-granddaughter to Glinda.


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