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Dredd musical implores producers to make a sequel to the film already

Despite living in an age where fandoms use the Internet and social media to breathe new life into their favorite films and TV series, there are still many properties with devoted followings that have been left in limbo. 2012’s Dredd was an adaptation of the popular British comic book that did poorly at the box office when initially released, but has boomed in home video release and earned its own cult of faithful supporters, not least of whom is star Karl Urban. Seemingly every month Urban has a message about trying to get a sequel made to the film—urging fans to keep up their efforts to make some noise online and remind various funding sources how popular the film turned out to be (despite lackluster reviews from some fairly reputable sources). However, a video suggests that perhaps it’s not enough to simply make noise, but what the financiers need to hear is a hot song to melt their icy hearts.

Jon and Al Kaplan, creators of previous Internet sensations such as Conan The Barbarian musical and Silence! (a musical based on The Silence Of The Lambs), have crafted a new musical video for Dredd with a chorus that implores the powers-that-be to simply “Make Dredd 2!” The video points out that Karl Urban certainly isn’t getting any younger and that there’s still many potential stories to be told in Judge Dredd’s dystopian world of horrific ultraviolence and totally sweet boots. A “guest star” from comic book movies‘ more shameful past pops in to lend his support for a sequel as well. As fans’ efforts continue to get another Dredd film made, at least now they have their own anthem to rally the troops—and a pretty catchy one at that.

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