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DreamWorks to finally explore the rich "mythology" of troll dolls

Having apparently taken notice of their recent breakout role in Toy Story 3, DreamWorks Animation has begun work on an animated movie based on trolls—the diminutive wacky-haired kind, not the Best Worst Movie kind or the says-stupid-shit-on-the-Internet-to-combat-their-deeply-unsatisfying-personal-lives kind. Danish company Dam Things has signed over the license to its Happy Troll Doll toy line, which first became popular in the 1960s and has enjoyed occasional nostalgic resurgence ever since. The screenplay from brother-sister writing team Adam Wilson and Melanie Wilson LaBracio will “expand on the troll dolls’ mythology” while also giving Dam Things a chance to completely relaunch them for a younger generation, possibly by giving them sunglasses.


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