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DreamWorks made a new Rocky & Bullwinkle short

The first trailer for the long-gestating DreamWorks animated feature adaptation of Mr. Peabody & Sherman was released just over a week ago, showing off the voices of Ty Burrell, Stephen Colbert, Leslie Mann, Allison Janney, Mel Brooks, and many others in the revival of the '60s cartoon. Now comes news that legendary animation director Gary Trousdale (Beauty And The Beast, The Lion King) is making the first Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoon in 50 years to accompany the movie, working with Reno 911! co-creators and family film writing partners Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant, and featuring June Foray as Rocky and Tom Kenny as Bullwinkle Moose. The moose and squirrel—along with Boris, Natasha, and other familiar characters—will serve as the introduction to the feature film that was based on an interstitial segment of their own Rocky And Bullwinkle Show, as well as to a new generation that's likely only just now meeting them.


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