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DreamWorks is adapting a new series from How To Train Your Dragon author

DreamWorks Animation hath wrought The Boss Baby, which is opening this weekend in all its besuited-baby insanity. This is something of a non sequitur, but we’d venture to say any Boss Baby-related point is a valid one. Anyway, the company that is unleashing the boss baby on the world is now reportedly wants to adapt a new series from the author who created the source material for its popular franchise How To Train Your Dragon. According to Deadline, DWA has gotten the rights to Cressida Cowell’s The Wizards Of Once. The saga, which debuts with its first book come October in the U.S., follows two “outcasts.“ According to the publisher: “Xar is a wizard without magic in a world where magic is everything, and Wish is a warrior with a magical object in a world where magic is reviled and illegal.” Meanwhile, the studio is still working on How To Train Your Dragon 3, which it has pushed back a bunch of times.


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