Royal weddings are not normal events. They may look like your average nuptials, juiced up on Old World steroids, at first glance, but think a bit more about them and the inherent absurdity of these events becomes clear. For example, and in summary: the public is invited to watch as strangers take intimate vows, their old-fashioned ceremony broadcast live on international television and paid for by a democratic nation of modern people with smartphones and online shopping accounts. It’s weird!

Enter the good people at Bad Lip Reading, who, in the fashion of past videos highlighting the absurdity of stuff like Trump’s inauguration, have helped inject some extra ridiculousness into Harry and Meghan’s big day.


Check out the video for yourself to learn many interesting facts about the wedding. Discover that Harry and William’s whispered exchanges centered on how many animals the groom has killed in his lifetime (“1, 693 giraffes”) and that he offered to lend Meghan a pen as they stood in front of god and country and the world.

The video also syncs in voiceovers that reveal both Harry and Meghan call Hagrid their favorite Harry Potter character, replaces choirs and soloists with gibberish, and, in a bit of unexpectedly sound absurdist commentary, finds William explaining to his brother that they’re “puppets” without free will.

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